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Health and Safety

Sipchem’s affilates have an obligation to operate the plants safely and responsibly. Moreover, continuously improving programs are placed to promote safety and eliminate employee and contractor injuries or illnesses.

All Sipchem affiliates are certified with Responsible Care® RC 14001, which covers health and safety in addition to environment and security.

Sipchem’s Life Saving Rules (LSR) program complements Sipchem’s belief that EHSS is a core value. The goal of these LSR’s is to highlight the hazardous elements of the operations and reinforce the procedures that require absolute focus to avoid serious incident or injury. The LSR program emphasizes the standards and expectations for all employees and contractors working at Sipchem’s facilities.

Diversity and Equality

Sipchem is committed to advance in diversity and inclusion within the organization regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, economic status, and other diverse backgrounds.

Sipchem deeply commits to cultivating a culture of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration across the workforce and business.

Therefore, Sipchem strives to maintain a workplace that is inclusive, by building a more diverse workforce to seize opportunities from sharing innovative ways of thinking, which contribute to informed decision making, and enhanced reputation. Sipchem seeks out employment candidates based on their qualifications, skills, attitudes and potentials.