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Driving excellence through innovation and sustainability

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Sipchem in Numbers

100 We reach
+ Countries

Futuristic and pioneering, Sipchem

24 We have
+ Affiliates

Futuristic and pioneering, Sipchem

500 We serve
+ Global Customers

Futuristic and pioneering, Sipchem

We support
+ CSR Beneficiaries

Futuristic and pioneering, Sipchem


Redefining Excellence

Sipchem’s commitment to striving for excellence and continuously improving efficiencies and maximizing synergies drives our ability to consistently deliver world-class products and services. Our relentless pursuit of innovation strengthens our industry-leading capabilities and helps us achieve sustainable long-term growth.


Growing Sustainably

Sipchem has established a solid foundation that presents sustainable growth opportunities for investors


Safe and stable investment opportunity in a strong growth industry.


Solid market position and sustained financial performance.


Included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index since 2019.


Shaping a Better Tomorrow

At Sipchem, we are committed to creating sustainable value for all stakeholders through our pioneering efforts in environmental protection, labor, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. This approach drives our long-term success through social responsibility initiatives, environmentally friendly practices, and research and innovation.


Building Capabilities

We welcome talented and passionate professionals to join our high-performing team. Recognized as Saudi Arabia’s "Best Working Environment" by an independent survey in 2010, Sipchem offers exciting opportunities for professional growth and career development, together with a safe, friendly, and stimulating working environment.