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As a responsible organization, Sipchem is committed to achieving continuous improvement in its environmental performance and to minimizing the impact of its operations locally and globally. In this context the company strives to transform environmental challenges into opportunities by harnessing the power of innovation to secure a more sustainable future.

Through its efforts to date, Sipchem recently received formal recognition via an ESG Rating which placed it amongst the best of it’s industry peers under the Environmental category, and the company will continue to strive to be an industry leader in this respect.

Reducing Emmission Footprint (Scope 1 &2)

Sipchem is committed to the continuous optimization of energy efficiency and the reduction of the emissions footprint of its operations (Scope 1 &2). Sipchem strives to continuously improve energy efficiency by measuring and monitoring consumption, and has already achieved many of the KSA set reduction targets.The company also underlined this commitment by attaining ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System certification in 2020. During recent years the company has successfully implemented several projects to reduce energy intensity and the release of greenhouse gases, CO2 in particular. Sipchem’s manufacturing sites are highly integrated, and waste CO2 is efficiently recycled and used as fresh feedstock for a number of Sipchem’s plants, including the utilization of waste CO2 from a neighboring company. Sipchem continues to invest in the assessment of new and emerging technologies that may further reduce it’s emissions footprint, especially for new and upcoming projects.

Circular Economy