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Continuously Transforming

At Sipchem, we are continuously rethinking on how to bring more value to our customers, partners and employees. Digital technologies are a key pillar of our approach and we continue to enhance our digital capabilities to improve our processes, productivity and delivering a better customer experience.


Sipchem Digital Transformation

Relies on the adoption of rapidly emerging technologies across the whole organization, to benefit employees, partners and customers to achieve a better performance.

Snapshot of Emerging Technologies

Digital Innovation at Speed

Our innovation model for digital transformation is built on the principle of innovating at a fast pace. We work with our partners and customers to identify ideas, prototype and test within few weeks. This rapid cycle allows us to adapt to any changes in businesses', customers' or partners' environment.


Share your ideas

We welcome ideas that have a high potential to improve our products and services for you through our digital innovation model, we can work collaboratively together on verifying the ideas and how to turn them into a real prototype.

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